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Ethical, Cause-Based Business practices & True Leadership can help your business soar, grow & profit. Set your company apart from your competition.

Leadership Training

Inspired Leadership is the foundation of Great Companies

Cause-Based Marketing

'Do Well by Doing Good' ... An ideal way to grow fast

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Want happy, engaged Staff? This is the secret ignored by many

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We help bring Ideas to life … Our Focus is somewhat Unique

We believe making money to help fund worthy charities
while helping companies grow & improve their bottom line is the ‘new’ ideal .

Cause-Based Business Strategies simply work better than the ‘old’ way. Why not supercharge your company’s growth while helping your community?

Create ‘Win-Win’ relationships locally and build an even more irresistible brand. Discover how best to balance company growth focus and community help efforts.

Transform your organization by changing your culture to a ‘Leadership Learning’ driven powerhouse.

Inspired Leadership Is The Key

Most Leadership efforts by big (or smaller) companies don’t work the way biz ‘gurus’ say they will. Any attempts to transition to a REAL leadership culture require ALL employees to commit to a whole new way of doing business … Especially, the CEO or owner!

This is not a semantic concept … Many companies change the way they talk … adding lots of ‘leadership’ words in their communication … and that’s about it. But they do nothing about the way they and all the staff work and treat each other. That is a recipe for assured failure. Learn how to transition to a real leadership culture the right way. The results can create Superstar companies.

Inspire Your Staff

Good leadership changes the attitudes of your employees in a major way. Inspired staff act like business owners.

Build Respect

True respect shown to everyone in your company can change your world. The increased loyalty is dramatic.

Build Trust

Leadership is a key ingredient to build real trust from your team. Staff know you have their back & they do more.

Supercharge Results

Companies with incredible Leadership Cultures always outperform competition. Why not choose Stellar Results?

Cause-Based Marketing Creates 'Buzz'

You may wonder … Why are so many companies ignoring an easy way to win? The simple answer is they don’t know the power of Cause-Based Business Strategies!

You can learn how to ‘do well by doing good’ without breaking the bank. In fact, you may be surprised how easily you can leverage becoming a community ‘hero’ into more profits for your company.

Cause-based Marketing is all about enlightened self-interest, using a goal of truly helping others while strategically, yet coincidentally making more sales more cost-efficiently.

JV Marketing

When you Joint Venture with worthy causes you create a ‘win-win’ relationship that attracts cause supporters to become customers at almost no cost to you.

Community Support

Your company’s profile and reputation will sky-rocket when your marketing campaigns are designed to raise funds for great local community programs and charities.

Brand Leverage

Most companies know how valuable and powerful brand building is to long-term success. Your support of local charities brings great public relations success at low cost.

Increase Sales

The bottom line for every company is finding the optimal solutions for efficiently increasing sales and bringing more profits to the bottom line. Smart choices help.

Create An Ethics Culture

Ethics are a ‘hot button’ for  the Public Relations departments at most large companies … and virtually ignored at small businesses. It’s all about propaganda and image for giants, but small companies are too busy struggling to survive to bother.

The reality is big companies, again, TALK about ethics, but most do next to nothing about actually eliminating unfair or unethical business practices. Yes, they may have strict policies about employee theft and other poor personal behavior issues that may get the company sued, but that is it.

The fact is a lot of companies of all sizes are blind to industry tactics they use to crush competitors, ignore quality and safety standards and other types of deceit that are dishonest, but not outwardly illegal. Companies that want to ethically shine can set new ‘gold label’ standards and still profit in a big way.

Integrity Focus

Ethics in business are Everything! Focus on your Reputation & Honesty will make everyone smile & win.

Team First

A Team-First focus is a key to massive success. It should never be 'All About Me'. Learn to reward your top teams.

Help Others

Selfishness is destructive! Recruit & Reward SELFLESS generous, proactive staff & retrain or fire the rest.

Customer Must Win

5-Star Quality & Customer Care is a lost art. Your customers should always WIN! Do this right & Win Big.

Our Most Popular Programs

Choose the right program for your company, based on what stage of growth and development. Our team can help assess where you are now and how best to customize our programs for you.

Dramatically Improve Your Odds of Success with Our Professional Training

The business world is changing fast! Stay up-to-date with ongoing training.

Our Focus is Positive Growth

Learn to master skills that are all based on an ethical approach to business success. The key is to get real results without deceit or dishonesty … and develop your ‘Win-Win’ mindset.


Leadership skills can be taught. We focus on the basics and emphasize the importance of developing a new mindset and way you view things.


The goals of our training are to focus on key concepts and skills but base these in as simple and understandable ways as possible.

Our business training is run by current and past business leaders who are committed to help you succeed and come from a background of ethics, leadership and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking.